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Anniversary weekend ! Best weekend ever.

Apr 8, 2021

Dear Students,

Thank-you for your understanding while we took 4 days off to celebrate our wedding annaversary! 

This anniversary weekend has been one of the happiness / best weekend of my life. 


I started the long weekend by going to the local immigration office  to pick up my new residence card not knowing how many years they had extended my spouse visa 1 , 3 or 5 years . I was expecting 1 year but surprisingly got 3 years !! We were both so happy this reduces a lot of stress yearly for extending the stay in Japan. (We can now focus on applying for permanent residency in June 2022 and gathering 8 pages worth of documents, there is a lot they need to even apply). 

Also I got my mum and uncle  living in Canada signed up for first shot of COVID vaccine. Another win! 


Saturday we began our wedding anniversary weekend and we spent the day doing some house work then going out for lunch at Jolly pasta and dressing up a bit to do it :) we hardley ever dress up so it was fun like going on a date again LOL. 

And later in the afternoon having some cake/ sweets :) 


Sunday we drove 2.5 hours to Izu highlands to stay at a cute doggy friendly hotel called Inuyado Shirakura, where we experienced a room with it own private hot spring on the patio, and doggy area and gourmet dinner and breakfast. 


The dinner was 6 course meal starting with : 


Sakura Shrimp jelly/ super small salad/ sliced pork with Shiso and miso sauce 


Sashimi - tuna and Kanpachi 


Main dish with sides 


Kimeidai soup with  boiled egg pudding with blue seaweed  with rice 


Tender beef tongue with sauce 


Followed by dessert - sakura and pistachio ice cream with tea or coffee . 


So full !! But dinner and breakfast was so delicious!! My tastebuds are still dancing from it all.  


We hope that you enjoy our pictures. 



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