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The Tower happened today!

Apr 8, 2021

The Tower happened today!

The present, comfortable and safe place shattered and made way for something more comfortable and more safe! 
Sora, our black cat,  broke his precious sleep bowl! BANG! 
Shattering sound and the bowl transformed into thousands tiny pieces in a paper bag. 
Sora is shocked and seems to be grieving.
Umi, our other cat, stays close to him, giving him purrtherapy!
I hope it helps! 
It’s heartbreaking to see him like this.
Sora was getting too big to fit into the bowl, actually...
It’s already replaced.... 
by a bigger and more colorful one....
But it remains to see if it will be accepted!
I hope he will not take the common human approach:
Clinging to the old and refusing to accept the new.
When "The Tower" happens, it is always an opportunity for change and an opportunity for improvement.  
It's tough when destruction happens. No doubt about that.  
But, ATER the initial shock and time for grief, we can choose to see it as a doorway into an improved situation and open up for change. Change for the better! Alwas better! Always more!
The sky is not the limit!  Your imagination is. 

#newopportunity #itsokaytonotbeokay #takeyourtime 

Sora and Umi in the bowl, a few months ago, when they were smaller.

Umi purring, comforting Sora.

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