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Speaking structure

Nov 21, 2015

What does funnel 漏斗 have to do with communication? 

When you communicate, you should move from broad to specific. For example when you are talking about the benefits of eating fruits and vegatables you can use the following funnel


) structure.

Broad: Fruits and vegetables can have many benefits for people.

Specific: Eating fruits provides nutrients

 our bodies need in order to function.

More specific: Fresh fruits and vegetables are generally high in fiberwater and vitamin C

Most specific: Vitamin C is found in high concentrations in immune cells, and is useful during infections. 

Main point: World Health Organization recommends that individuals consume "a minimum of 400g of fruit and vegetables per day

When you speak, it is helpful to move smoothly from broad (general) to specific.  In my lesson "Easy Speeches" you will learn how to be understood, how to be confident and how to communicate even more effectlively. Here I enclose a coupon for this practical lesson. See you soon. 

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