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Nov 26, 2015

When I was  25 years old, I told one older person: "I have no regrets (後悔)" He said: Of course you have no regrets as you only are 25 years old. Now as I am a bit older (36:) I have some regrets and one of them is that I have never been to a Japanese wedding. 

On the main picture here, the shot is from my wedding (in Slovakia) where we dance as much as we drink. In my case it was more dancing than drinking:)

The second picture was taking in New Delhi. My best friend in Singapore was a Russian who married an Indian lady and when we were in Delhi, we had the best time. The customer there is that the bride's (花嫁) side steals shoes from the bride and the groom (新郎). Then the groom's side has to dance or bribe (賄賂) the bride's maids. Women refuse the bribes and only after men are nice to women, two children bring back the shoes. So it's Bollywood happy ending.  

I would be happy to hear about Japanese wedding.  Here I am enclosing a coupon for my free consultation talk. 

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