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Green thumbs

Dienstag, 11. Mai 2021, 01:57

When someone is good at growing and taking care of plants, we say that they have a ‘green thumb’. Although I worked at a garden center when I was younger, I’ve never had a green thumb. I even managed to kill several cacti. However, over the past year, the pandemic lockdowns have given me a new appreciation for plants, and my apartment now looks like a little jungle! 

I think that the lockdowns have given many people a greater awareness of their living space, and we’ve all been trying to make our homes nicer places (because we have to spend so much time in them!). In my case, I decided to create a plant budget of $15 per month, so I’ve slowly been buying small houseplants, pots, and soil. So far, only one or two have died, and the rest are looking quite happy. They make me happy, too. Everything seems fresher when there’s a little life around you, and it really helped to improve the atmosphere during the grey winter months. 

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to start some herbs and vegetables on the balcony. A friend recently dropped off some small tomato, basil, and parsley plants, so that’s the beginning! 

If you’re feeling a little blah about your interior spaces, I definitely recommend adding some life with plants. My favourites are the ivy, Chinese money plant, and croton. Anthuriums are nice, too, but unfortunately mine didn’t survive. 

It’s also been interesting to talk with some of my students about plants and flowers in other countries and what they are associated with. Chrysanthemums in particular seem to have many meanings in different countries.

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