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Christmas Carols

Dec 2, 2015 | 1 Comments

December is here, and like every year, the only thing keeping me from depressing about the cold weather is that Christmas is coming!

And what is a better indication of that than hearing everywhere the Christmas songs we all know and love? (At least I do love them)

I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas, and therefore this might be a completely unknown situation to you, but you don't need to be a Christian to sing Christmas carols, just like I don't need to be from the Caribbean to dance bachatta, or to be Asian to use chopsticks!

Christmas carols are a great way to learn a language because

1- They are usually simple and repetitive. I mean, all the children learn them, so can you!

2- The same songs are translated in various languages (as you can see in the video)

3- They are part of a culture, since everyone knows them since before they can remember.
It's just like learning to sing "Happy Birthday", people will look at you weird if you don't know it! 

For the occasion, I want to share my love of Christmas songs and of languages with you students. For the whole month of December, all my music language learning classes will be 20% off :) Come learn new songs in English, French, or Spanish!

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