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Dec 10, 2015 | 1 Comments

Hello Cafetalk!

I have created a menu for easier navigation of my lessons. Please take a look and choose which lesson is best for you. If you need help picking a lesson, please let me know and I will be happy to help you :)


      - 15 minutes ( 300 points )

Daily Conversation Lessons 

      - 15 minutes 700 points

      - 25 minutes 1100 points

      - 55 minutes 2000 points

Specialty Lessons

      - 25 minutes 1300 points

      - 55 minutes 2400 points

Premium Lessons

      25 minutes 1500 points

      - 55 minutes 2800 points

Lesson Packs

      - Any 4: (4) 25 minute lessons 5000 points ( 1250 points per lesson )

      - Daily Lessons: (18) 15 minute lessons 10000 points ( 555 points per lesson )

Non-Skype Lessons

      - Keep a Journal ( 400 points )

      - Listening Comprehension ( 800 points )

      - Voice Recording ( 1000 points)

      - Proofreading ( 2000 points )


  • Consultation
If this is the first time you are visiting my  profile, this is a great place to be! In this lesson, we will have a short conversation where we talk about your goals as an English student. We will talk about what type of lesson you are looking for and I will help you to choose the lesson(s) that are best for your needs. If you want to use a textbook, we can talk about the books that I have available. I will also check your English level and provide you with excellent feedback. I'll let you know your areas of strength and areas that I think you should work to improve on. * Please note this is for students who have never taken my lesson. *

  • Daily Conversation 
A fun, relaxed lesson for learners of every level. We can talk about anything and everything while enjoying some laughs in the process. Learning English should be fun! Come and talk with me about whatever is on your mind. You will be sure to get lots of tips, corrections, vocabulary and new expressions. 
  • Practice Makes Perfect ( Learn and Practice Commonly Used Idioms )

Idioms are words, phrases or expressions that are either grammatically unusual or their meaning cannot be taken literally. Idioms allow a person to 'think outside of the box' and to speak creatively. Idioms are not typically taught in textbooks but are very commonly used in conversation. This is why it can sometimes be difficult to understand a foreign language. In this lesson we will: Talk about idioms and how they came to mean what they mean, Talk about what situations they are used in, Create your own expressions and situations, and Review them until they are learned completely.

  • Current Events ( Improve your pronunciation, reading speed and vocabulary. Work on developing your opinions)
Everybody learns in different ways but one thing all learners have in common is, we learn because we are interested in learning. In this lesson, we will pick an article that you are interested in. It could be about world events, local topics, sports, technology, cooking, fashion, food, etc... In this lesson we will: You will read an article outloud. We will go through each article paragraph by paragraph. The first time through will focus on pronunciation. After the paragraph is complete, I will help you to understand new vocabularyexpressions and idioms. After the article is complete, we will discuss the article's main points and overall meaning of the story. Then, I will ask for your opinion on the article. This will help you to express your thoughts in a natural level. Opinions matter! After the lesson, you will have a list of new vocabulary words and useful expressions that you can continue to use until you know them by heart. This lesson is geared towards all levels of learners. We can find articles that range in length and difficulty. 
  • Pronunciation ( Learn to speak like a Native English speaker! The 52 sounds of English and more! )
The English language has 26 letters but it has 52 different sounds. When we know and recognize these 52 sounds, we are able to have good pronunciation. When we have good pronunciation, our listening skills also improve. Word Stress: Understanding which syllable is stressed in a word greatly improves both our speaking and our listening. Native English speakers use and listen for the stressed syllable in order to communicate quickly and effectively. Sentence Stress: Each sentence contains 2 types of words. There are 'content' words and 'structure' words. Native English speakers listen for the content words and stress them when speaking. They are the keys that give the sentence a meaning and provide the rythym. LinkingLinking is very important in English. Understanding how to link when speaking and which words are linked when listening are a vital part of the English language. In this lesson: We will learn, use, practice, practice and practice some more how to use these techniques. If you have a specific request, just let me know! 
  • Questions, Questions, Questions? ( Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? )
The Art of Asking Questions: This is a must take lesson for students of every level. We learn by asking questions. That is true in all aspects of life and it is no different when learning English. Any and all questions are welcome! More importantly, you will feel much more comfortable asking questions after taking these lessons. You have the floor: You will be able to practice your speaking more in this lesson than any other lesson you take. Why? That's a good question! In this lesson, you will be able to lead the conversation in any direction you want. You start with a question and I will answer it. Not only that but I will go back and correct your grammar mistakes afterward. Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?: When speaking, those 6 words are your friend. Use them and you will be amazed what you can find out. This lesson will give you tips on how and why to use those words. Confidence: Sometimes we are all afraid to ask questions. Perhaps we are shy or think we cannot ask such a question. However, this lesson states "There is no such thing as a stupid question." By asking questions, we gain confidence in our speaking abilities. We continue to grow and to learn. We are able to extend conversations. Here is your chance to do so!
  • Business English ( Business English for Every Level. Electronic textbook available )
Do you need English at work? In today's global economy, English is a crucial tool to possess at the workplace. Whether you are sending emails, talking on the phone, attending conferences or using English in your workplace, this is the lesson for you. What is your level? This lesson is suitable for all levels, from elementary to advanced. The lesson will be catered to your level and will focus on areas that you want to improve. A text will be provided in each lesson and you will be able to review on your own. This lesson will cover: Vocabulary, Discussion, Reading, Listening, Language Review, Communication Skills, Case Study. My Experience: Besides teaching Business English since 2006, I have a minor in business studies from a 4 year university. I also have experience running and managing several businesses. I have worked in the corporate world as well as in the small business setting. My experience in Japan as well as in the US allows me to better understand the cultural differences in the workplace as well.
  • [NEW!] Textbook Lessons ( A Variety of Textbooks available. Electronic textbook available )

Do you prefer a very structured lesson? I have several textbooks available for students of every level. I have the electronic versions available, meaning I can send you pages from these books before the lesson. During the lesson, we will go through the pages together in sequence and if you would like I will assign some homework from the book after the lesson.
What book can I use? I have too many books available to list here but I will list some of the more popular ones: Interchange, New All Talk, Global Links, Market Leader
These textbooks have levels ranging from beginner to advanced, so they can help you no matter what level you are. Of course, if you have a preferred textbook that you already use, please let me know and we can use that. In our first lesson, we can choose the book that best suits your needs.

  • [NEW!] English Grammar in Use ( Would you like to improve your grammar? Electronic textbook available )

This lesson is based on the book, English Grammar in Use. In the lesson, we can work on any area that you would like to improve. I will provide you with pages from the book that we can use together in the lesson and for homework. Even though grammar can be difficult and dry, I will work my best to make the lesson fun and enjoyable. Whether you are looking to improve a test score, write better or speak more fluently, this is the lesson for you. When selecting this lesson, please tell me what area you would like to improve. Here are some possible areas: past participle, perfect, phrasal verbs, preposition, present participle, conjunction, countable v. uncountable nouns, determiners, relative clauses, modals.
Those are just a few examples! If you don't know exactly what you would like to work on, I'll pick an area that I think would help you the most.

  • Test Preparation ( TOEIC, TOEFL, EIKEN, IELTS. Electronic textbook available )
Are you preparing to take one of these popular tests? I have been helping students reach their goals with these tests since 2006. Whether you are just beginning to study for one of these tests or you are looking to improve your test score, this is the course for you. 
  • Student's Choice ( What would you like to learn? )
What would you like to learn? I have been teaching English since 2006. I have helped people in all walks of life in so many different categories. I have helped children, students, business people, doctors, travel agents, nurses, musicians, artists, etc... During my career, I have helped people make songs, write school papers, give voice training, check their medical papers, giving tours, created themed events, etc...The list goes on and on and I would love to be able to help you too! Any topic: Really, this is a student based lesson. If you need help with anything at all, please let me know. I'm looking forward to hearing from you: I understand that it can sometimes be frustrating if you are not getting what you want out of a lesson. In this lesson, you will be getting exactly what you want! Ask and you shall receive, as they say.

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