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Logic or Intuition?

Weekly Topic: Are you more of a logical thinker or an intuitive person?

Montag, 26. Juli 2021, 14:52

The question of the week is "Are you more logical or more intuitive?" Before I answer this, let's talk about what these adjectives mean.

Logical thinking means that you think slowly, deliberately, and carefully. It requires a great amount of focus and is often used for complex problems. An example of this would be if your knowledge of two facts helps you conclude a third fact. So, if you know that sharks have fins and you know that a Hammerhead is a kind of shark, then you can conclude that Hammerheads have fins. 

Intuitive thinking means that you quickly and unconsciously make a decision. It is good for problems that require immediate action. An example of this would be if you walk into a coffee shop and see a mug of coffee on a table. You know from past experience that coffee in mugs tend to be hot. So, intuitively, you may be careful not to touch the mug because you know it may be hot. 

So, most people use a mixture of both of these types of thinking every day. Intuition is mainly used for small every day decisions while logical thinking tends to be better suited for complicated or rare problems.

Personally, I think that I tend to lean towards the logical side of thinking. I like to really think through my options and the facts of a problem before coming to a decision. 

How about you?
Which adjective describes your thinking method better? 

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