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“I met a fortune teller while travelling in Bohol.”

Weekly Topic: What was an unusual experience you had with a random person?

Aug 26, 2021

 Bohol is one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines. It is well-known for its white beaches and Chocolate Hills and so I went to this place alone before the pandemic. My eight day trip was quite memorable, I visited restaurants, I went island hopping, I visited caves. I rode public transportation such as buses and tricycles and I met an interesting stranger while riding one of the public transportation. He was driving the tricycle with his son and he asked me politely where I was headed. I said,” I am going back to Tagbilaran.” “Please take me there.”The trip took an hour and so I was asking questions and the man was talkative enough to share stories. I said that Bohol is a nice place because of the diversity that the place has.

    Out of the blue he asked me a question. “Can I read your personality?,he said.” “Yes, why not?” “You are a very hard working person, very smart but when you get angry, it takes time for you to forgive, you are honest and trustworthy too.” “Wow! Everything was accurate.”” How did you do that? “I asked with curiosity. I have that ability to read people even during the first meeting and sometimes I can predict their future if it visits me in my dreams. Of course! That was not everything but I will keep to myself the other predictions.

      I fell in love with Bohol because of the people, not just the place but the people. It is the people that impressed me the most, surprised me the most. Perhaps, I was stunned or caught by surprise by what he said but the thing is that the experience of talking to local people is already a wonderful experience. He was a random stranger that is difficult to forget.

What was your experience?

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