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The Best Teaching and Studying Method: Being Yourself and Motivation

Weekly Topic: Your Recommended Study Method

Sep 21, 2021


I have been teaching for more than 20 years. I have been learning things all my life. I love learning things. In my experience, there isn’t A method or THE method for studying or learning. I believe that learning occurs when you are motivated, when whatever it is that you’re studying comes from yourself, from that little fire within yourself that moves you towards learning something new.

Everybody is different. For some people tables and repetition works, for others, lots of images and illustrations help a lot. Who you are is what matters. Are you a visual or auditory learner? Do you like nature? Are you more logical and need step-by-step explanations?  

I love stories and art, so for me, learning a language requires being in contact with tales and images. This is also what I use the most when teaching because this is who I am. I also like cooking, so I think that learning a language by reading and making new recipes is very useful. It all depends on who you are and what you like. But always, always the most important thing is motivation. Motivation is what makes us achieve whatever we want!

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