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Nana kusa gayu 1月7日は 七草がゆを食べる日

Jan 6, 2016

In Japan, people eat the seven herb rice porridge or 'nanakusa-gayu' on the morning of January 7th.
日本では、1月7日の朝に七草粥(ななくさ がゆ)を食べます。

The seven herb rice porridge was introduced from China and then became popular in Japan by Edo period. Its original intention is to protect oneself against evils and invite good luck and longevity by eating the seven herbs that endure the cold winter.


セリ water dropwort

ナズナ shepherd's purse

ゴギョウ cudweed

ハコベラ chickweed

ホトケノザ henbit

スズナ turnip

スズシロ daikon radish

私もスーパーで買いました。 明日は七草粥を作って食べます。

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