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"The mountain girl with the swag."

Weekly Topic: Are you more of a “beach person (海派)” or a “mountain person (山派)“? or a "〇〇person?

Aug 26, 2021

    I feel blessed to enjoy both mountains and beaches. I was born in a country famed for its white-sand beaches and diving sites, a country with 7,107 islands. I have toured some of the best white-sand beaches of the country and I have hiked extensively prior to the pandemic. I joined trail marathons to be able to marvel at all the wonderful views that mother nature has to offer. However, I have always been a mountain person. I grew up in the northern parts of the Philippines. My city is the summer capital of the Philippines with lush pine trees and mossy forest, rocky mountains and beautiful waterfalls nearby, just a two hour drive away from my city.

I did a lot of solo and team hiking, as well as marathon training in various mountains across my city. The view is so majestic, even at night when the unobstructed sky would show the beautiful stars. 

I  spent a lot of alone time hiking the woods and running as a form of “meditation”. In my industry, I always talk to people and there are times when I want to spend some time alone, nature helped me cope with the competitive nature of my industry. Many times a year, I chase waterfalls and sleep in the houses of local people. I want to invite you guys to visit my city, where you will witness the sea of clouds and a simple but meaningful life.


I love mountains so much that I traveled across Asia just to hike alone. I’ve been to the mountains of Taiwan, Vietnam and Hong Kong and hopefully when the pandemic eases, I will be back on the road again.

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