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Are you a beach or a mountain person?

Weekly Topic: Are you more of a “beach person (海派)” or a “mountain person (山派)“? or a "〇〇person?

Oct 29, 2021

This week’s topic was difficult to write for, because I love both mountains as well as the ocean! I love the fresh and crisp air of the mountains, even though somehow the salty and humid air at the beach rejuvenates my senses.


Skardu valley, northern Pakistan.

For this week’s article, instead of writing a long-form article, I decided to share a few photos for you to enjoy. These are a few from my travels in the mountains of northern Pakistan, as well as the beaches in the southern Arabian Sea. Pakistan has been blessed with some of the highest mountains in the world, out of which 5 mountains are above 8000m, including the second highest mountain in the world after Everest, Mount K2 at 8611 m.


Skardu valley, northern Pakistan.

The country is the melting pot of the three highest mountain ranges, the Karakorum, the Himalaya and the Hindukush, creating a unique scenery when you travel there, with villages dispersed amongst the valleys, and rivers and lakes.


Mubarak Village, Karachi (Churna Island visible in the distance)

However we have a relatively short coastline, of approximately 1000 km, and undeveloped for tourism. This leaves some of our beaches pristine and untouched by humans, making it attractive for the adventure traveller.

Sonera Beach, Balochistan (Churna Island visible in the distance)
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