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Weekly Topic: Are you more of a “beach person (海派)” or a “mountain person (山派)“? or a "〇〇person?

Oct 29, 2021

Greetings from Taka!  This weeks column theme happened to catch my eye, making me feel like writing.  I am more or less a beach person if I need to choose either beaches or mountains.  That said, I do like mountains as well.  By and large, I am a so-called nature lover.

More precisely, I am a big fan of the ocean and some of the fun activities associated with it.  The top of my list is undoubtedly fishing because I spent lots of my time doing this with my friends in my childhood.  How nostalgic!  This is how my fondness for fishing has turned out to be my lifetime hobby, although I am just one of the humble local fishing anglers.

I somehow came to like mountains, as well, perhaps because there were no high mountains in and around my hometown- it was somewhat like a desire for something missing mentality.  I vividly remember some fun activities as a child when I was taken to the mountain resorts by my parents.  Once in a while, I still love to enjoy visiting hot spring mountain resorts to have a soothing experience, which is one of the best ways to decompress myself. 

Humans seem to be made to love nature, and I am not an exception indeed.  On top of that, I do adore the urban lifestyle, so my ultimate dream is to live in a place where I can take advantage of both nature-based and urban lifestyles.

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