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Learning a New Language Can Be Scary :(

Jan 12, 2016

Learning a new language is always a scary experience. It's not so scary when you're reading a book on learning English, Korean, Japanese, etc., but the moment you have to use it in public or in front of another person, that's when it starts to get scary. We fear making mistakes or sounding stupid, worry that the other person might look down on us, or that we might offend the person by accident. I was the same when learning Korean, but one thing that really helped me improve was, knowing I had one language that I was good at. English, my main language. It's normal to feel this way about a language you are learning for the first time. The most important thing is to have confidence! You were able to master one language, your main language, no need to feel bad about not speaking a second one perfectly! You will get there!

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