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My morning routine

Weekly Topic: My morning routine

May 4, 2022

My morning routine usually starts with my 6:30am alarm going off, me rolling over, hitting snooze and going back to sleep. After repeating this process a few times, I finally wake up and lie in bed for the next quarter of an hour waiting for the fog in my head to clear or checking the BBC news on my smartphone. 

It’s usually around this time that my wife and I notice our daughter peering over the side of her baby bed with a sleepy-eyed smile that tells us she wants a hug and for us to change her diapers. Once that's done, I brew some coffee and retreat to my study for a short meditation session. 

My wife and daughters often eat a traditional Japanese breakfast consisting of miso soup, rice and salmon. As for me, I usually don’t have much of an appetite in the morning, so I’m content with coffee and try to limit myself to one cup before noon. However, when my wife bakes fresh bread and asks if I want some with butter and blueberry jam on it, I can't say 'no' to that!  

What's your morning routine?

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