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Study, read, and learn from someone else's, and do not shy away from your own

Jul 16, 2022

"Study, read, and learn from someone else's, and do not shy away from your own!",                   T. Shevchenko once said.

He loved his country, traditions and customs, was a true patriot and at the same time always learned something new.

I believe that such a position is very correct. No one must shun one's own country... One must respect one's country and its traditions, and at the same time learn and learn something new.

One should never despise one's native land because by scorning the Motherland, you are first of all scorning yourself. traditions and culture must be treated with respect and be interested in it.

So study, my dear student, because you must study...

I know from my own experience that it works and it is interesting.
And I am still learning, learning new things, taking new courses, training, and reading a lot.

I know Ukrainian and English. Knowing several languages has broadened my horizons. I can learn about the culture of other people but also share with you the culture of my Ukrainian people.

And I will gladly introduce you to them in my classes)))

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