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The First Cafe Momentum: Live English Gems With Jhen!

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Aug 15, 2022

                             Universal, fluid English with ease 

Greetings, Guys!

I’m Jhenya!

I’m a longtime professional teacher and tutor, and writer. ☕️✨

 I'm new to Cafetalk, and it's my sincere delight to meet you!
As well as to grow with super learners, teachers and creators in this gem of a community, from around the world. 

I believe the most beautiful, cool and valuable thing that I can offer you, is a kind, relaxed, alive space where you can learn something very special, interesting, fun and useful - in truly universal English.

 This is why I'm a teacher, :)
This is why I'm here on Cafetalk,
And this is why I'm starting this column!

I call our new series - Cafe Momentum.
Or 'Live English Gems With Jhenya', yours truly.

Dear world,

Have you ever heard of the wonderful expression, 'over the moon'?

For example:
I’m a new teacher on Cafetalk. I’m over the moon to meet you! ✨
‘over the moon’ is a beautiful expression and can be quite common. 

In this context, what do you think it is?
What’s the feeling behind it? Hint: The sentence is absolutely about me. :)


See the answer below!

Over the moon = thrilled, very happy! It's as though you can jump beyond the moon!

I love to offer you material and writing that is always original:

from my heart, my efforts, experience and creativity! And if you enjoy it, and find some value in it, we somehow create a beautiful ripple around the world.

If you wish, I welcome you to explore my Teacher Page and classes, as well as reach out to me anytime. Even if it's simply to share what you enjoy about my column, and what you dream of/wish to learn in the future.

For now... See you next time, in our Cafe Momentum!




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