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Sep 23, 2022

 Do you know who the leader is? A leader is the first in the team, the one whom everyone listens to, allows him to lead a group of people, helps in any matter... However, a leader is not one who shows off and flaunts his position, or achievements. Such people will sooner or later cease to be the ones everyone follows, they will simply not be respected. It is only necessary to "turn up your nose", as your place will be taken by someone else. So, leadership is, in a way, a competition between people. But we are not talking about the kind of competition in which someone is mercilessly "squeezed", ridiculed, or publicly reproached for something (this is not the kind of competition that films are made about). A leader is a true ideal of a person whom everyone wants to be like, with whom everyone wants to be friends, from whom advice is expected, and whose requests are fulfilled with honor and dignity.
What are other leadership traits?
 This is confidence in oneself and one's actions, the ability to gather a team around oneself that helps in the implementation of any ideas. This person not only demands diligence and purposefulness from others but also always takes responsibility for himself. Only such a person is ready to follow, only such a person will achieve the maximum from life: a good job or business, excellent relations with others, and clear and clear self-realization (what we all live for).
 A leader has charisma. This is such a special attraction for people. This is a special energy, this is a certain level of the image (what a person represents to others), and this is a special emotionality and confidence. This person is pleasant to others, everyone loves him and sometimes even adores him.
 How to become a leader? 10 practical steps
 Do you want to know about it? For sure! Everyone wants to be the first, so get ready for the fact that you will have to work hard and diligently on yourself all the time. Otherwise, it is impossible to win the favor of society!
 Always be positive, and emotional (but not loud). Establish friendly relations, even with those you do not like: you can communicate with them at a minimum, but do not express your disgust.
Communicate and express yourself clearly. Learn to speak. Everyone should understand you: say, people with any level of intelligence.
Never make fun of anyone. On the contrary, protect those who are offended. Raise their self-esteem (their value in their own eyes), and they will pay you back in time.
Learn to critically assess the situation, that is, do not be afraid to express your own opinion, even if it is not the same as the majority. The main thing is not to get into a fight for your ideals. Leaders become "nerds", not cool guys!
If there is negativity in the team, offer your positive ideas. Surely you have something to tell your friends about?
Offer to participate in interesting projects and clearly distribute responsibilities between people. Publishing your own peer-reviewed high-tech newspaper is sure to be appreciated in your classroom or even, perhaps, your school. Writing a program in a computer science class will involve your friends in interesting and useful work on collecting, for example, information about the preferences of future users. Offer to hold nice thematic evenings and other events. Like-minded people will respect you. Look for people who don't share your preferences. Try to do something that you have never done before (except, of course, harmful things).
Always keep your promises, work hard, and demand it from your comrades. Be committed and diligent, and people will follow you, copy you, and try to earn your trust. Learn to make quick decisions before anyone else has time to do it for you (competition).
Learn to listen to people! It is very important. He is not a good interlocutor who talks all the time, but he knows how to listen well, sympathize, and give timely advice.
Be ready to help. Do not shy away from physical labor.
Go to your goal regardless of the obstacles and efforts of others to prevent you from doing so. If you give up every time at the first taunts of unkind people, you will not become a leader for such a person in such a case! Remember this!
 The main thing you need to remember: be the best in everything, always follow the points listed above, don't let anyone lose your ideas, be the way you want to see your best friend, classmate, like-minded person, acquaintance - anyone with whom you communicate in everyday life. Learn with our rubric. They don't teach this at school and they don't print textbooks about it. Do everything according to your conscience, and your conscience will not prevent you from reaching new and attractive heights!

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