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The Secret Trick To Achieving Great Health......

Jan 11, 2023

Make it simple!

If you rely on the weather being good to go for a run, having free time to get to exercise classes or perhaps driving to the gym you will ALWAYS struggle.

Research shows that it is not so much the small details regarding a diet or workout programme that matter, but it's the CONSISTENCY.

And in my view and that of many other high level athletes and trainers - the best way to maintain consistency is by working out in the COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME.

You don't need fancy expensive 'sports' clothing.
You don't need specialist equipment.
You don't need lots of space in a big house.
You don't need to pay lots of money for complex information.

The human body is intelligent and doesn't require eating an extremely specific way or training one complex way to maintain or improve your health. The truth is actually quite the opposite!

You can get in EXTREMELY good shape with just your own body and a small area in a lounge or kitchen, or even better due to the health benefits provided by the sun - a garden or local public space (but again this depends on the weather). 

If you are unsure how to workout with your own body please check out my free home workout in a previous column (I can repost this if people would like) or my lesson pages for simple home workouts or customised workout programmes from the comfort of your own home.

Let's make 2023 our HAPPIEST and HEALTHIEST year yet :-) 

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