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Do you like driving?

Mar 19, 2023

I consider myself a late driver.

In Ontario, Canada there are three levels of driving licences: G1, G2 and G. G1 is a written test and after you pass this, you will be able to start in-car classes and can be taught by an experienced driver. After about a year of practice, you can take your G2 where you have some driving limits but can drive on your own. A full licence is G.

I took my G1 when I was 16 and I didn't really start driving until I was 28. I was terrified of driving. I failed my G2 once, and I didn't want to get back behind the wheel until my mid-20s. It was always an overwhelming experience and I think because of the fact that I failed G2 once that I felt discouraged.

I had to face reality. It's hard to get around without a car, especially with kids. Winter is brutal in Canada and to wait for a bus in the cold is something no one enjoys. So I had to collect myself, start from scratch (G1) and eventually passed my G2. When it was time to get my full licence, I was more than confident that I went to the test centre by myself. I passed and the feeling of relief was something that I couldn't describe. It's like something heavy was taken off my shoulders.

Now driving is one of my favourite things to do.

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