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Finns and Japanese: Surprising Similarities Between Cultures

Aug 7, 2023

The diversity of cultures has always been an interesting subject. But it is even more interesting to notice how people living in different parts of the world can find deep similarities with each other. This is especially true in the case of Finns and Japanese. Although they live thousands of kilometers apart, they share many things.
Politeness is a quality that is deeply rooted in the culture of both Finns and Japanese. Both societies emphasize politeness and good behavior in human interaction. Both place primary value on polite and respectful interactions. We do not enjoy conflict. 
Appreciation of the beauty of nature is another common factor that unites Finns and Japanese. The wonderful lakes and forests of Finland and the beautiful cherry trees and mountain landscapes of Japan are central parts of the identity of both cultures. Nurturing nature and admiring its beauty is an essential part of both Finnish and Japanese lifestyles.
The love of design is yet another similarity that unites these two cultures. Both Finns and Japanese are known for their minimalist and functional design. They appreciate simple and practical solutions that at the same time exude beauty and elegance. This design philosophy is present in everyday objects as well as in architecture. Also both of us get inspiration from nature! 
Perhaps the most important common factor between Finns and Japanese is the longing for peace. Both nations have experienced difficult times and conflicts throughout their history, and this has deeply affected their values. Both Finland and Japan value peace, stability and harmony. This longing for peace is reflected both in their external actions and in their internal thinking of individuals.

Have you seen the same things? Have you ever noticed cultural or behavioral similarities with other countries?

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