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Basant Bahar! Spring Has Sprung in Pakistan

Weekly Topic: What marks the start of spring in your culture?

Mar 28, 2024

Hey there, language lovers! Ms. Aisha here, your friendly neighborhood English teacher from Pakistan. Today, let's ditch the textbooks and talk about something everyone can enjoy – spring! ☀️

While many places celebrate spring with blooming flowers and chirping birds (which we definitely get too!), in Pakistan, we have a unique way to mark this season – it's called Basant!

Imagine vibrant kites soaring through a clear blue sky, their colorful tails dancing in the warm breeze. That's the essence of Basant. Families gather on rooftops, laughter fills the air, and the sky becomes a canvas for these beautiful kites. It's a joyous celebration of new beginnings, longer days, and the return of life after winter.

But Basant isn't just about the kites (though they are pretty spectacular!). It's also about enjoying delicious seasonal treats. We have a sweet dish called "Gul-e-Rang" (meaning "flower of color") made with rose petals and pistachios – a burst of flavor that perfectly captures the spirit of spring.

So, the next time you learn English words like "spring," "celebrate," or "joy," remember, these words come alive in different ways around the world. Here in Pakistan, spring is a vibrant festival of color, laughter, and delicious food – a true celebration of life!

What are some unique ways your culture marks the start of spring? Share your stories in the comments below!

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