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A chance to save 100% off your next session!

Apr 1, 2024

Spoiler: This is NOT an April 1st prank!
Get flat 100% off on the most popular lesson from my profile.
But How?
Game Details
A Fool's Game: It's all in the name. 
The game is simple. Contestants would need to find the word  "Fool"  in my previous tutor column posts on Cafetalk. You can access them from my profile or on the right side here. Once found, just comment where the fool is. Or, feel free to message me where the fool was. And that's it. Your next booking is on me!
Any rules?
  • Anyone can participate, but you can only win once.
  • The contest will be valid for the first week of April.
  • There will be only four winners, so start scavenging now!
  • There are no bonus points for finding similar words(you know what I mean).
  • This is NOT an April 1st prank!
  • All the hints to win the game are available in this post.
If one week is too long, check out the lesson below.

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