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Spring Break Staycation

Weekly Topic: Do you have any Spring Break destinations this year?

Apr 1, 2024

While traveling to exotic locations may be appealing to many, the most gratifying adventures may sometimes be discovered right in the comfort of our own homes!

For some, spring break is synonymous with sandy beaches and tropical vacations. However, for others, like myself, it is an opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with a nice staycation. So, what is my spring break destination this year? My home!

First on my agenda? Spring Cleaning! There's something very fulfilling about decluttering and organizing my place. Spring cleaning, from dusting forgotten nooks to organizing closets, is a practice that represents a new beginning, perfectly in tune with Easter!

Next, I’ll try painting some belated Easter eggs and filling them up with confetti, a practice that is traditional in Mexico. While the holiday will be over by then, there's no reason not to enjoy the delight of decorating eggs again afterwards.

Finally, a nice walk through the nearby valley with my dogs should do. Springtime is nature's way of displaying itself, with blossoms in full bloom and the land bursting with color. What better way to celebrate the season than to immerse myself in the natural splendor of the vast outdoors, joined by my small, but feisty, chihuahua companions?

As I embark on my fabulous spring break staycation, I would like to remind you all that adventure may be found in the most mundane of circumstances. Whether it's discovering the delight of a freshly cleaned home, unleashing creativity via art, or relishing in nature's marvels, there's beauty in the everyday.

Here are some useful vocabulary words from my column!

1. Belated: Coming or happening later than should have been the case.
2. Decluttering: to remove things that you do not use so that you have more space and can easily find things when you need them.
3. Gratifying: giving pleasure and making you feel satisfied.
4. Immersive: providing deep involvement or absorption in an activity or experience.
5. Mundane: lacking interest or excitement; dull or ordinary.
6. Marvels: wonderful or astonishing things.
7. Nooks: small, secluded corners or recesses.
8. Splendor: grand and impressive beauty.
9. Staycation: A vacation spent at or near one's home rather than traveling to another location.
10. Unleashing: to suddenly let a strong force, emotion, etc. be felt or have an effect.

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