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Local spas are just the ticket

Weekly Topic: Do you have any Spring Break destinations this year?

Apr 1, 2024

Spring Break in Europe is very different to the Spring Breaks I experienced as an American. There I often drove with my family or friends to Florida, which is a typical destination for spring breakers, to escape the cold for a week of sunshine and fun. We might have had a bit of traffic, but generally it was an easy (even if it was a long) drive.

Here in Europe the traffic headed to warmer destinations through the Alps during Spring Break, which usually starts on Easter weekend, is brutal. On average people spend up to 45 minutes in bumper-to-bumper traffic jams headed south and headed back north on their return trip, too.

Having experienced those terrible road conditions, I generally no longer drive anywhere on my spring break. Instead I try to visit local spas, which are emptier during spring break than on average weekends. The photo for this article is from a recent spa visit I made. It was taken at a spa on a local mountain. They offer saunas, pools and incredible views. So it definitely feels like being on a vacation!

My next two weeks of spring break I plan to try out another new spa, as well. Till then, I will be offering lessons here on Cafetalk. Give me and my lessons a try!

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