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Paint your Design Patterns and Colors

Jun 24, 2016

Have you notice the carpet or area rugs at your home? How about the rugs at your office, at hotels, a friend's house or somewhere else? have you found their patterns, colors and design interesting? What about the furniture over it, do you love them as well? 

Area Rugs can emphasize the eye and heart catching message of your living room, bedroom, dining area, reading corners or any area that invite the warm yet cozy experience in such spaces. Although its just a part of your floor accessory, it still creates a strong connections with your furniture, the story of your home and the extended preferences and personality of the user of the space. It indeed brings soul to your place. Yet, there will always be  considerations in choosing the perfect area rugs for your space. You have to consider your floor area, furnitures sizes, the color scheme and the design theme of your home. Also, you have to check the rug's cleaning maintenance and you have to play with  it's shape, forms, size, fabrics, function, texture, the design, and of course the colors and patterns!

Don't know your style and design preference yet? Start with getting inspirations! You can browse and cut out magazines or create your own moodboard/pinboard that shows your design style. You can even paint your desired patterns and design with watercolors since its a versatile medium to manually express not only your artsy thoughts but also your designer's thoughts. Just like how Jaja paint the floral design-oriental pattern of Area Rug in a complimentary bold colors of an eggplant and yellow greens (left painting); and also the contemporary design-geometrical patterns in a playful complimentary colors of blues and oranges (right painting).  How about you? What kind of design patterns and colors do you love for your Area Rugs? 

Watercolor Class will help you encounter color mixing and matching skills through Color Theory Study. You can use this skill not only in painting but also to your daily living with colors (food presentation, color choice for clothes, home decors, make ups and cosmetics, gif t color choice, DIY,  or any other things with colors). And of course, you will also have the drawing composition skills as it is also covered to help you draw your own compositions and define your preferred patterns, forms and designs as well. Yes! All in one single operation ~ the Watercolor Painting! And don't worry because you dont have to be an artist or a designer to experience all of these!

And though we already belong to a digital world, watercolor painting experience is way different and always timeless. It will remain exciting, fun and promotes healing experience for your busy days! So have some break, unwind, sketch, design, and paint with Jaja! I prepare easy and basic painting activity for you! 

Jaja is looking forwards to meet you in this painting class! :))


Lesson: Watercolor Painting Class
Price: 2500 Points
Length: 50
Trial Minutes: 25
URL: http://cafetalk.com/lessons/detail/?id=57965

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