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Live and Learn better

Oct 9, 2016

Being a language teacher for more than 19 years now, I am very often asked by my students what they can do to improve their language skills so that they will master the language more easily and effectively. Here are a few things I suggest:

  • Practice what you are learning, every day. If you can get into the habit of practising the new language for at least 10-15 minutes a day, you’ll get better even if you are not so good at it at first.
  • Make yourself use the language. Don’t just listen or read, and don’t just repeat language tapes — actually find ways to use what you’ve learned. Talk to a language partner / friend, take part in online forums, use it throughout the day whenever you get the chance, take online quizzes.
  • Sign up in one of the free online learning platforms, such as Edx, if your language level is good enough. Participating in one of the courses, you actually kill three birds with one stone: 1. you practice the new language, 2. you keep up with the latest developments in your chosen career field, 3. you get an online certificate to use in your CV!

Learning is a wonderful journey and it's up to us to take the best out of it and make it an unforgettable life experience.

One last thing: we should always keep in mind what Socrates, for some, Solon, for others, said: " Live and Learn."

So, enjoy the trip...


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