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10 Phrasal Verbs

Feb 8, 2017

Hey everybody, happy "hump day." This is what we say for wednesday for everyone who doesn't know. Today I want to share 10 phrasal verbs with you. What is a phrasal verb?

Phrasal Verb: A phrase that starts with a verb and is followed by a preposition or adverb (usually a preposition).

Example: Come on!

The verb in this phrase is "come" and the preposition is "on" but what does it mean? "Come on" is a phrase of encouragement that we say when we want someone to succeed or do something.

10 Common Phrasal Verbs:

Bring up- to mention a topic in conversation.

Bring it on!- to accept a challenge with confidence.

Cheer on- to support someone by giving them words of encouragent.

Come up- to think of an idea or topic.

Came across- to meet or find by chance.

Drop by/in- to stop for a visit for a short time.

Fall apart- to break into pieces. Can also be used for relationships like marriage and friendship.

Get away- to escape. Usually used when talking about travel or vacation (holliday).

Get along (with)- to have a friendly relationship with someone.

Go out (with)- to go on a romantic date with someone.

There you go! There are so many phrasal verbs in English it is hard to choose just 10 to share. I hope you found this helpful!

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Take care!

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