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Thank You to My Students!

May 15, 2017 | 1 Comments

Last night, for whatever reason, I could not sleep.  As I lay in bed, I began to think about my students.  Individual names and faces came into my mind.  I remembered the pictures of Cherry Blossoms or family members you sent to me.  I always appreciate your pictures, I feel it brings us closer. 

As I continued to wait for my sleep to come, I remembered a basic philosophy I have of life:


Yesterday is gone

Tomorrow is not yet here

So, live for today


Now please understand, I am perfectly healthy, but in life we never know what the next day will bring.  I began to wonder, if I should not wake from my sleep, what will I have left undone, what will I have put off until tomorrow that I should have done today.  Once again, my students came into my mind.   I remembered the shared laughter, the great conversation, the smiling faces, I remembered how much my students – YOU - make my life so much better.   And I realized I seldom take the time to properly thank you all for all that you do for me.  Each of you has taught me so much, not just about life and culture of your country, but about how to live a good life, how to be kind and thoughtful.  So, as I lay in bed, I realized I had a very important task to do today and that is to thank each and every one of you for making my life so much better!


Thank You All for Everything

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