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Green fingers, Green thumbs and more...

May 25, 2017

Hello students!

I woke up this morning to an absolutely beautiful day! Sunshine came beaming down my kitchen window, totally lighting up the small space. A total difference to an otherwise cloudy day, which is quite expected of this season. Another thing that brought a smile to my face was watching my little basil plant come alive. Take a look…

Basil is a culinary herb. Growing herbs like basil are one of my hobbies as I find it quite relaxing. There’s something fascinating about watching plants grow. At the same time, a lot of patience is needed to watch them grow too! I’ve tried experimenting with other culinary herbs such as coriander and mint. My mint plant grew pretty well but I had a tough time with coriander. My neighbour, on the other hand, has had amazing success with her flowers and fruit trees in her front garden. She must have green thumbs whilst I have yet to discover if I have green fingers.

Meanings: I someone has green fingers or a green thumb, they are very good at gardening and have the natural ability or talent to grow plants.

What do like doing in your spare time?What are some of your hobbies or your interests?

Talking about your hobby or your interest is great way to make new friends. If someone asks you about your hobby, is there anything more you can say about it? For example, I spend a lot of time hiking because it keeps me fit. 

Can you talk about your hobby in more detail? Where do you usually go hiking and why?

Imagine if you were in a social setting and had to ask someone else about what he or she likes to do in their spare time, what would you ask and how would you keep the conversation going?

Here are some topic starters…

Do you___________________?

Have you _________________?

How did you _______________?

I learned that _____________

I love to _________________

I spend a lot of time ____________


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