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My own personal nutrition guidelines

Jul 3, 2017





As someone who has been a running my own health and fitness businesses for many years, as well as my own training and competing in numerous sports competitions, I have undergone my own trial and error process regarding the most effective forms of nutrition for each individual situation.

Over these years and through working with a variety of athletes, sports enthusiasts and general laypeople I have come drawn my own conclusions regarding simple, effective and sustainable practices when it comes to nutrition

My personal philosophy of nutrition and diet is based around simple concepts which can be applied in harmony with many popular diets today. Whether you follow a vegetarian diet, an omnivorous diet like the 'Paleo' diet, or a diet dictated by allergies - for example to nuts, gluten or dairy - everyone can improve their health by following these simple guidelines.

 - Ensure that your diet consists of as much 'Whole Foods' as possible

Whole Foods are foods which are unprocessed and unrefined, such as fruit, vegetables, beans and grains


 - Aim to make your plate as naturally colourful as possible

Add an array of vegetables to every meal.


 - Eat based on your goals - not based on your cravings

If you're trying to lose weight, it is counterproductive to eat nutritionally 'empty', high calorie foods

like chips and fried chicken. Likewise, if you are trying to gain weight or muscle, it would be illogical

to eat low calorie foods like cucumber or lettuce all day whilst working out to a high intensity and

 then wonder why you are losing weight.


 - Eat until you are 80% full

Okinawans have the longest life expectancy in the world (83 years). 'Hara Hachi Bu' is the concept

they live by, which states that because it takes our stomach time to catch up with our minds in 

telling us that we are overeating, we should eat until we are "8 parts out of 10 full".

There is a vast amount of research on the subject of how eating fewer calories equates to a longer

life expectancy to support this claim.


 - Be mindful of your food and drink whilst consuming it

By paying attention to our meals and savouring every mouthful not only will we eat slower, but we

will learn to appreciate our food more and be thankful for what we are eating, rather than

rushing it all down whilst slumped in front of the television.


- Only drink water

Whilst green, white and other herbal teas, fresh homemade juices and smoothies are encouraged,

shop-bought fruit juices, fizzy drinks and alcohol are not, as these do little to satiate

us, whilst still adding to our daily calorie intake.


- Keep your vegetables as close to their natural state as possible

Wash your vegetables and then either add in raw, as a side salad, throw in with a meal at the last

minute, or heat on a very low temperature.  Subjecting foods to high temperatures can cause vital

nutrients to break down and become lost, and burning foods can add dangerous carcinogens which can lead to the onset of cancers.


Following these simple health and nutrition guidelines can dramatically improve the health of any individual - regardless of their fitness level, training regimine or diet. Unlike the vast majority of popular diets and fitness booked which are churned out in today's day and age, telling you 'Don't eat X', 'eat lots of X' or naming specific foods to eat at certain times - these principles can be applied to your own unique tastes and preferences whilst still retaining the main concept. To improve your health in a sustainable and manageable way.

 I hope to see you at a lesson sometime in the near future.

Good luck on your health and fitness journey! 

I am a (Plant-Based) Personal Trainer, Nutrition Consultant, Pilates Instructor, and Wing Chun Kung Fu and Tai Chi Instructor, as well as being a Certified English Teacher, operating out of London, UK, and offering online lessons via cafetalk.

I have competed in many events over my 10-year+ journey into health and fitness, including placing in the top 10 in Ultra Marathons up to 100 miles long, as well as numerous obstacle races, Martial Arts and a Muay Thai kickboxing bout.

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