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Apr 27, 2014 | 3 Comments

まず最初に、ぼくは Yoshinori です。当サイトの新人講師です。みなさん、よろしくお願いします。

先週、ぼくがまだ Cafetalk 講師になるための厳しい審査&選考過程を経ている間に、カントリーシンガーの訃報のニュースがあったんです。その報道によれば、Kevin Sharp(ケビン・シャープ)が43歳で「ガンによる併発症」で亡くなったとのこと。



Chris Daughtry(クリス・ドートリー)(ロックバンド「Daughtry」のボーカル)
Billy Corgan(ビリー・コーガン)(ロックバンド「The Smashing Pumpkins」のボーカル)
David Draiman(デイビッド・ドレイマン)(ロックバンド「Disturbed」のボーカル)
Kenny Chesney(ケニー・チェズニー)(カントリーシンガー)



ケビン・シャープの一番ヒットした曲「Nobody Knows」(1996)



First of all, I'm Yoshinori, a new teacher here. Yoroshiku, everyone.

Last week, while I was still going through the rigid evaluation and screening process to become a Cafetalk tutor, the death of a country singer was in the news. According to the report, Kevin Sharp died from "complications due to cancer" at age 43.

Being a long-time fan of country music, I recognized the name right away, but it had been quite a while since I heard the name and I had totally forgotten his face, until I saw the picture and I was like "Ahhh, that bald-headed guy!" followed by this sudden realization that his baldness was cancer-related.

Anyway, speaking of bald, there are singers with a bald head or a shaved head, and I think some of them look cool while others don't. Kevin Sharp, in my opinion, is among the former. Here are a few other hairless-headed artists I can think of right now:

Pitbull (rapper)
Chris Daughtry (frontman of the rock band "Daughtry")
Billy Corgan (frontman of the rock band "The Smashing Pumpkins")
David Draiman (frontman of the rock band "Disturbed")
Kenny Chesney (country singer)

To me personally, all of them listed above look great, except for Kenny Chesney. He does look great in his cowboy hat, but once it's off, something's just wrong. Is it the shape of his head? I don't know. And, obviously he's aware of that himself. He almost always keeps his hat on in public. So, what I want to say to him as a big fan of his is: Don't be so self-Ken-scious about your appearance! Your music is great to "hair"!

Video links:

Kevin Sharp's Biggest Hit "Nobody Knows" (1996)

Typical Kenny Chesney with his cowboy hat on

A very rare music video where you can see the hatless Kenny Chesney

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