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Formatting and Orthographic correction of Texts, Articles,Thesis, Dissertations & Translation in English

Sep 6, 2017

Formatting and orthographic correction of texts, scientific articles, thesis, dissertations and monographs in English.

Review of scientific articles in the English language for publication in international journals and magazines.

Review of monographs in English for MBA, Undergraduate, Master's, Doctorate and Postdoctoral Degress.

Your work, article, text and the design will be formatted, corrected and made ready to be delivered.

• Correction in English spelling: right words, well-positioned commas and punctuation - use of colon, semicolon, exclamation, indent, ellipsis etc.

• Grammatical quality, with great attention to concordance: subject in the singular, verb in the singular; subject in the plural, verb in the plural, correct preposition etc.

 Guaranteed Quality services are provided. Whoever requested the service - got approved in the very first time.

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