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Basic Yoga Terminology - Part 3

Sep 12, 2017

Good morning my fellow yogi's! 

Welcome to part 3 of the yoga terminology column.

This will conclude the three starting sections of basic yoga terminology. From here onwards I will move in to yoga poses, styles of yoga and more!


1. Meditation - Focusing and calming the mind, usually through the use of breath or a repeated phrase or saying (mantra). 

There are countless methods to meditate which I will cover in the future, but popular examples in todays day and age include 'TM' - Transcendental Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation and Guided Visualisation meditation. 

2. Ayerveda - Literally translates as 'wisdom of life' or 'the knowledge of longevity', this is one of the worlds oldest systems of holistic health and medicine.

It consists of principles relating to body type, emotions, diet, massage and more.

3. Drishti - You may have heard your yoga teacher say the phrase "focus your drishti" during balance postures such as 'tree' or 'dancers pose'.  

The word 'drishti' means 'yogic or focused gaze' and refers to keeping your focus on one point during your yoga pose. This is often a single spot in the distance, or perhaps the nose or eyebrows, and is used as a method to centre the body and help keep balance.

Please stay tuned for my next columns series on yoga poses, styles, and more!

Namaste everyone! :-)  


I am a highly experienced professional English teacher, Yoga Instructor, Nutrition Consultant and Personal Trainer from London, UK. I recently left London to work and travel around Japan on a Working Holiday Visa with my girlfriend Ashley (who is also a teacher on Cafetalk).

Please check out my lessons if you are interested in learning real, authentic British English, or have an interest in Yoga, Tai Chi or general health and fitness.

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