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そろばん7ヶ月で4級合格! My student passed the level 4 in abacus test within 7 months!

Oct 7, 2017

【English below】









掛け算:4桁×3桁/ 5桁×2桁 20問

割り算:6桁÷3桁/ 6桁÷4桁 20問

見取算:5桁の足し算、引き算    10問





Hello everyone! I'm Tomomi Suzuki, a Japanese and abacus tutor.

Today one of my abacus students passed the level 4 test*! 

(*Not the officailly recognized exam, but the equivalent one in study)

He started leaning the abacus with no prior experience and the progress he made in 7 months is great! 

He reviews and practices what he learns from each lessons at home as well.

He is a 10 year old boy living outside of Japan. 

So now, let's see what "Level 4 abacus test" is:



Multiplication:4 digits × 3 digits / 5 digits × 2 digits: 20 questions

Division        :6 digits ÷ 3 digits / 6 digits ÷ 4 digits: 20 questions

Mitorizan      :Addition and subtraction of 5 digits: 10 questions

To pass the test, it's neccerary to do all 50 questions within 30 minutes and get a score of 80% or higher.

His mother mentioned that he has been able to concentrate and focus better than before, even on things outside of math. 

As a tutor, I'm glad to share in my student's achievement and see him make progress :)

(Example of questions level 4/ http://www.shuzan.jp/kentei/mihon/shuzan4_mogi.pdf)

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