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5歳でそろばん9級合格! 5 year-old student passed the level 9 in abacus test!

Oct 12, 2017

【English below】





また現地の小学校でも算数が得意になり、以前算数の優秀生徒として賞(Diving deeper math award)をもらい表彰されたと、お母様から報告がありました。



2桁 x 1桁 掛け算  :20問







(参考: http://www.shuzan.jp/kentei/mihon/shuzan9-10_mogi.pdf )


Hello everyone! I'm Tomomi Suzuki, a Japanese and abacus tutor.

I have a 5 year-old abacus student who lives outside of Japan and was able to pass the Abacus Level 9 test*! 

(*Not the officailly recognized exam, but the equivalent one in study)

She has been taking my abacus lessons since she was 4 years old. Back then, she could just count up to 30. But, after working with me for just a little over a year, she can do all the basic calculations, and even some multiplication!

She has become very good in math class, and her mother told me that she has been awarded the "Diving Deeper Math Award" in school.

So now, to explain what "Level 9 abacus test" is: 


Multiplication:2 digits × 1 digit: 20 questions

Addition and subtraction of 2 digits: 10 questions

In total: 30 questions, for 20 minutes


To pass the test, it's neccerary to do all 30 questions within 20 minutes and get a score of 60% or higher. My student got a score of over 80%! 

As a tutor, I'm glad to share in my students's achievement and see them making progress :)

*Each student's speed of progress is different.

(Example of questions level 9: http://www.shuzan.jp/kentei/mihon/shuzan9-10_mogi.pdf )

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