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Increase your stamina with Yoga

Jan 17, 2018

Increase your stamina with Yoga

Low stamina can have an adverse impact in different areas of your life. It could affect your performance at work and your personal activities. To do any physical activity, perform a task or get through a difficult situation, you will need stamina.
Generally, people recommend running, and other cardio exercises to increase stamina. However, you can greatly improve that with yoga.

How does it work?
Yoga is not just gentle stretching and relaxing. It incorporates difficult poses and breathing techniques. Some yoga poses are very challenging. They require high amount of strength and flexibility. Holding these postures for a long time raise your stamina. Practice powerful yoga breathing promotes respiration and lung capacity.

Overall, regular Yoga practice is increasing your energy level, enhancing your endurance that will improve your professional and personal life. You are becoming stronger and fitter.

Come and try Yoga with me! :-)

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