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京の桜便りKyoto Trip#5 Sakura---Cherry blossom season in Japan 日本の桜の季節

May 13, 2018

Have you ever seen 'Sakura'?
In early April, you can see 'Sakura', beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan, as you know.
桜を見たことがありますか? 4月の初めに、ご存じのとおり、日本では美しい桜が見られます。

I'll recommend you to see some verious kinds of cherry blossoms at Main building of Kyoto Prefectural government office.(the picture above & below)
It's located around 5-minute's walk from the Kyoto Subway, Marutamachi-station.

If you have time, you can visit Kyoto-Gosyo, the former Inperial residence. It is located near the Kyoto government office, so you can go there easily.
The picture is below: 

You can enjoy sightseeing at the Gosyo area not only its appearance or park but also its inside. Nowadays, you can enter the Gosyo and see something rare without permission of the Inperial Household Agency in advance. It might be a good idea you should see the related information from the website of  Inperial Household Agency beforehand.

Alright ,then. That's all for this time.See you next time!!!それでは、今回はこの辺で終わりにします。次回にお会いしましょう!!


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