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A brilliant birthday!!!!!

Jul 2, 2018

Thank you all for my birthday wishes!
I was genuinely taken back by how many people send me messages and greetings yesterday (or in the days leading up to my birthday). It was extremely kind of you all and I had a wonderful day!

Some of you were asking me what I did yesterday, and whilst we didn't do anything crazy (I'm too old for parties etc!!!) I actually had a wonderful day.

At 4am I woke up to sit by my favourite spot in Nara and view the sunrise.
It was so nice being up at this time, with just myself and nature around me. A family of deer were sat near me, and I ended up having a conversation with them whilst watching the sun rising! Haha.
I planned to go back to sleep after watching the sunrise, but I noticed some trash around the lake and felt compelled to clean it up. It was only a small gesture, but one I feel can make a big difference if we all do it. Two elderly Japanese ladies walked past and  saw what I was doing. They repeatedly bowed to me saying 'Arigatou gozaimasu!!!' 
Something so simple as this made it feel all the more worthwhile.

I came back home and did some morning Yoga, before writing out my lesson plans for the day.
I wanted to get some more air as it was so hot (even at this time of the morning!) so I cycled to the nearest shop that was open and bought a cold green tea for my Girlfriend to have when she journeyed out in the heat later that day. 

I then taught 4 of my lovely English students, before teaching a Yoga class to a Mother, son and their friend. Lots of people commented that they were surprised I was working on my birthday, but when you love what you do - it doesn't feel like work!

Straight after my Yoga class I headed in to Tennoji to meet my friend for lunch. He had arranged for us to eat an a seasonal, organic and mostly plant based restaurant right by the station. It was a lovely meal, and he was very kind to book in advance to ensure that they would serve me a completely plant based lunch. I had miso and wakame soup, organic brown rice with sesame, a daikon salad, assorted Japanese pickles, and some steamed kabocha. Amazing!
We hung out together in the park and discussed my friend's training and nutrition, as he is hoping to qualify for the Ironman 70.3 world championships next year (long distance swimming, cycling and running). He is embracing a predominantly plant based lifestyle for this challenge, and with all my years of experience I have a lot of help and support to offer!
After some cold tansan in the park, and some great conversation, I headed off to meet my kickboxing coach for a quick session at his gym. I used to train kickboxing regularly in the UK, and was obsessed with it, but over the past few years this interest fizzled out as I took up ultra running. I decided that I wanted to start training again, with the intention of possibly competing in the future, and have been training in Osaka again recently. 
We had a great session and sparred some fun rounds together!
Just when I was about to leave, my coach came over and pulled out a cake he had got me for my birthday. I was incredibly touched by his kindness! People in Japan are so friendly and this is something I really treasure.

From here without having time for a shower, I met my girlfriend at a bar in Umeda. It had been nearly one month since a single drop of alcohol had touched either of our lips, but in this heat and given the fact that we had some celebrating to do - we went for a beer!
We made friends with some people in the bar who reccommended us to have a 'beer flight', which consists of 4 100ml beers of your choice! They were delicious and perfect for such a hot and tiring day.

After finishing our beer flights and exchanging numbers with our new friends, we went out for a meal together, just the two of us.
This was the highlight of my day, and aside from the meal (one of the best I have had in recent months!!!) it was being able to finally sit with Ashley after her exam was finished, and both being able to relax that I enjoyed. Just the two of us.

All in all, it was the perfect day, enjoyed with some of the best people I know. 

Thank you to everyone, even if I did not see you yesterday, your messages and well wishes were greatly appreciated!

I am teaching again today until the early evening before heading to Kyoto to get the bus to Kawaguchiko!

Mt.Fuji is calling us and the adventure never stops.

I may be 30 years old, but in my mind and body I am getting younger each and every year.

Take care everyone and have a lovely week!!!!

P.s - My schedule is closed for the majority of the next two weeks - BUT - it will be open once I know my plans. We will be in Kawaguchiko for 1 week and then heading straight to Hokkaido but if you message me and say that you want to do a lesson, I should be able to reserve this time slot for you. If you are not sure of what time you want to do, please be patient and once I know about my work schedule, the internet connection, and where I will be - there will be openings appearing.

For now - take care!



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