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Angélica C Portuguese Advanced

Portuguese Advanced

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Portuguese Advanced

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Aims and Objectives

The aim of the course is to enable students with a good basic knowledge of Portuguese to develop the four skills further. Students should then be able to converse reasonably fluently with native speakers and discuss personal, practical, social and current issues using appropriate structures.

Course Content

Main topics / themes to be covered

- Schools and universities, choosing a profession, careers;

- The weather / climate / temperature and its influence on activities, nature's phenomenon;

- Money and economic stability, baking, administration of money;

- Superstitions, simpatias, popular beliefs, Brazilian legends;

- Trade / services and potential problems;

- Urban traffic, behavior in traffic, transportation, car, insurance;

- Leisure activities, excursions, Brazilian popular music, football, Brazilian personalities in the arts and sports, television, media;

- The Portuguese of Brazil, the Portuguese in Portugal.


Linguistic Structures


- problematic consonant sounds: r / rr, h;

- difficulties involving spelling.


- Present subjunctive (regular and irregular verbs) and its usage;

- Demonstrative pronouns + adverbs of places;

- Impersonal expressions + present subjunctive;

- Conjunctions + present subjunctive;

- Indefinite words + present subjunctive;

- Imperfect subjunctive;

- Conditional + Imperfect subjunctive;

- Future subjunctive;

- Compound subjunctives;

- Personal Infinitive (infinitivo pessoal);

- Use of (to indicate time or existence);

- Conditional with "se" + Imperfect compound subjective;

- Relative pronouns;

- Indirect speech.

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I have been teaching Portuguese as a second language since 2013 and I am graduated in Portuguese for teaching Foreigners at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. In my Portuguese classes ...

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