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Business場面(ばめん)めーる のしかた

25min 800 Points

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I want to do it not to make any exchanges of the email by the work, rudeness. I can exchange just emails if I get a slight art.




  • The exchangesthe beginning of the email to use in Business and the last words are very importantEven this will be that an impression is replacedThe impression will surely improve if I learn arule.
    I am surely helpful if I learn a form.

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I taught Japanese towards a foreign student for several years. I still teach Japanese. The grammar that it is a waste of though I began study with much effort if I cannot talk though I learned it wit...

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Polite speech, Japanese have various speech. It is a superior person ...

I want to do it not to make any exchanges of the email by the work, r...

Usable ♫ Business is Japanese

25min 800P

Skype Lesson

I play an active part for work when I practice Japanese, this includi...

Pack of 5 (700 Points per lesson)

Finally an honorific expression, an honorific to be usable in an inte...

Pack of 3 (1,167 Points per lesson)

Anyway, let's learn first Japanese happily. It becomes steadily to be...

Pack of 3 (1,167 Points per lesson)

♫I increase the number of words and will widen a conversation steadil...

Let's make study (study) of trial (trial) しで Japanese. I want to lea...

せっかく習った日本語(にほんご)を忘れない為のtalkを!内容は自由です。 もちろん話題に迷ったら私に任せてくださいね。日本語で楽しく会...

I know it before a trip and talk with a drum, and a drum and anything...

正しい発音で 自己紹介から始めましょう。 日本の人と同じような使い方を勉強することができます。

正しい発音で単語を使って実際に会話をしてみましょう。 実際に話すと言語を覚えて会話ができる楽しさがわかります。 初級でも覚えると短い会...

Exercise of the pronunciation

25min 700P

Skype Lesson

It is all right even for the first time. Japanese syllabary well. I...

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