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...zu den verschiedensten Themen!

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In diesem Kurs sprechen wir über verschiedenen Themen und lernen Argumente zu formen. Es geht dabei ins Besondere um Themen, die Europa betreffen. Im Vorfeld jedes Kurses muss der Schüler zwei Artikel zu einem bestimmten Thema lesen. 


In this course, we will discuss a variety of subjects and we will learn how to form arguments in a debate. We will focus specifically on subjects concerning Europe the difficulties it is currently facing. Prior to each class, I will provide the student with two articles in order to prepare for class.
Acceptance of new students limited
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Nadin Mai
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Hi, my name is Nadin Mai. I'm a private tutor and freelance researcher with roots in Germany. Since 2007, however, I've been living abroad - first in the United Kingdom for eight years, then brief...

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Konversation auf Deutsch

30Min 9,600P

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Pack of 8 (1,200 Points per lesson)

...zu den verschiedensten Themen!

Konversation auf Deutsch

30Min 5,500P

Skype Lesson
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