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Learn how to use articles, accurately.

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A, an and the are very small words but they are also very important components of English grammar and aiding a more natural, native-like sound.




In many languages, the use of articles - a, an, the and the zero article, is not the same as in English language and to completely understand them and how to use them accurately is very challenging and frustrating!
Dropping articles from one's spoken English can also prevent fluency and give a somewhat unnatural 'sound' when conversing with a native-speaker.
Let this lesson assist you in gaining a more complete understanding of how articles work and when to, and when not to, use them. I shall provide some pre-lesson homework and then analyse your results, enabling me to focus upon specific learning areas during the lesson. The aim is to remind you of the article rules and how they work alongside count and uncount nouns. 
This lesson is aimed at all levels of English but will be particularly helpful with those of intermediate and above.
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