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Anything ok! Tell me what you see!

25min 900 Points

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Describe, Compare and Contrast, Speculate and React




There are several pictures in the material with different degrees of difficulty.

This is a  fun lesson plan in which students are asked :

1)What they see in the picture and to try to give as much detail as possible. 

2) A  little bit of Q&A related to the picture, a very good way to practice vocabulary words in English and to use them in a simple to complex sentences.

3) You will  also be asked to compare and contrast two pictures 

4) You may learn some synonyms - In other words....

This lesson helps students make logical connections between ideas and words.
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ABOUT ME: My name is Irene. I have a Bachelor's degree in Journalism. I am an experienced ESL professional tutor. I have a great passion for teaching and traveling. I have been teaching English as a ...

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Anything ok! Tell me what you see!

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Describe, Compare and Contrast, Speculate and React

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