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Saya Voice Lesson! 〜Non Classical Style〜

Voice Lesson! 〜Non Classical Style〜

50min 2,800 Points

Skype Lesson

Learn a wide variety of singing styles such as Pop, J-Pop, Jazz, and Broadway!




★☆Just as complete as offline voice lessons★☆

We'll start with breathing and vocalization warm ups and then continue on to the song lesson. Let's have fun going through everything step by step.

          ~Non Classical Style~

Japan's world of music changes as fast as the times do. A world full of famous songs, songs full of memories. Try singing your favorite song with your own voice!

Do you want to become better at karaoke? Don't know how to reach those high notes? Don't know what falsetto is? I will adjust the lesson to meet your needs and teach carefully and thoroughly. If you are preparing for an audition but have never undergone voice training before, feel free to consult with me.


Move someone's heart with your powerful singing voice!

But are you worried about your English pronunciation? Or do you think you can't release such volume with your body type? We will solve all of that here! I have the sheet music for Disney's hit song "Let It Go" prepared!!

★☆I have learned all the teaching methods for singing that are used in America and have discovered that the source of voices are the same all over the world. Pros do online voice training too! Try it out for yourself!☆☆

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Hello! I'm Saya Kawashima and I'm a soprano singer. The first time I ever heard opera, I was so moved by the beauty. I wondered how a human could produce that kind of voice and marveled at the...

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Pack of 4 (1,900 Points per lesson)

☆パックレッスン登場☆ あなたの大好きなその1曲、歌えるようにしませんか! お得にレッスンを受講しませんか!使用方法は自由です!!

Speaking voice Pack Lesson !

30min 5,700P

Skype Lesson
Pack of 3 (1,900 Points per lesson)


New! Speaking voice lesson!

30min 2,000P

Skype Lesson

話し方も、声の出し方も、両方磨けるオールマイティなレッスンへと変わりました! 正しく、美しく、声と共に健やかな毎日を。

Voice Lesson! ~For Kids~

30min 2,000P

Skype Lesson


Voice Lesson ! 〜 Classical Style〜

50min 2,800P

Skype Lesson

This is a vocal music lesson for people who want to learn opera, etc.

Learn a wide variety of singing styles such as Pop, J-Pop, Jazz, and ...

New to singing? Discover your voice! Learn from the basics.

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