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Jessica Knecht Speaking exercsies!

Speaking exercsies!

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exercises to help you increase your speaking accuracy/ pronunciation/speed and naturalness. Casual, test (TOEFL), interview and professional speaking skills !




I am an English teacher with 5 years of experience teaching in Japan ( Tokyo and Tokuyama, Yamaguchi). I have experience teaching many kinds of English such as TOEIC and TOEFL, conversational English and Business English. In all of these classes I have had to create exercise to help each of my students improve their speaking. Here's what I can help you with in this class:

- Speaking accuracy 
- Speaking speed (say what you want to say in a short time and at a natural speed. No long pauses between words.)
- Speaking pronunciation 
- Speaking naturalness (use words that sound natural to English speakers)
- Test speaking ( How to speak for tests such as TOEFL)
- Interview speaking ( How to speak for job interviews and college interviews)
- Casual speaking (How to talk naturally to English speakers)

In addition to speaking, I speicalize in customizing classes. I can pinpoint your problems and create a fully customized class to fix your speaking problems! The classes are also tailored to be about your life and interests! I can also change the length of the class and the price of the class if you need the length or price adjusted!

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Jessica Knecht
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Hello! My name is Jessica Knecht . I am an English teacher who has taught English in Japan for 5 years (in Tokyo and Yamaguchi)! My lessons are personalized to each student's needs. I think of m...

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