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Travel Turkish

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Merhaba! Have fun learning useful Turkish phrases that you need for your next trip to Turkey!


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Welcome to Turkey! I will teach you useful phrases that you will need for various travel situations. You will have fun getting used to the sound and rhythm of these English phrases by practicing saying them aloud and through role playing.  

Lesson topics are :

1. At the airport 
2. At the hotel 
3. At a restaurant 
4. Going shopping 
5. At the train station 
6. Walking around town 
7. Introducing yourself and talking about your hobbies 
8. When you don’t feel well or run into some problems
and more cases as you want to learn.

*if you’re taking these lessons twice a week, we can cover every section if you start 3 months before your trip.

You’re more than welcome to take just one lesson. When making the request, please let me know which section you would like to learn or whether you’d just like to learn some words that will help you in any situation. 

Class materials: provided by me
(if there is a textbook you would like to use, please let me know when making the request). If you need my recommendation,feel free to contact me anytime!

Present for students who take this course continuously: From your second lesson onwards, I will send you review questions from the last lesson and explain the answers at the beginning of the next lesson, upon request. 

New Students Welcome!

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Hello Everyone! Herkese Merhaba! My name is Duygu. You can call me 'Momo Teacher' . Nice to meet you!  I was born and raised in Istanbul,Turkey and I lived in Osaka ,Japan for 6 years. And no...

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