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General Notices

Hello Everyone! Herkese Merhaba! My name is Duygu. You can call me 'Momo Teacher' . Nice to meet you! 

I was born and raised in Istanbul,Turkey and I lived in Osaka ,Japan for 6 years. And now, i am back in my hometown, in Istanbul :)

Qualifications & Experiences

I graduated in Computer Science and Engineering in Turkey. I am a native Turkish and English speaker and i teach both Turkish and English. I can speak the following languages fluently: Turkish,English,Japanese.

After i graduated from the university, i worked at I.T. companies for 2 years as a software programmer. Then, i worked at Accenture Turkey as a recruiter assistant for 1 year. After that, i started learning Japanese at an intensive Japanese course for 9 months. 

Then, i really decided to do something unique in my life. I worked at Turkish Airlines as a flight attendant for 3 years and half. It was the best experience ever i could make it. I have been and stayed more than 30 countries. After i moved to Japan, i started teaching English and Turkish formally.

I taught English and Turkish more than 5 years at a private English school in Japan. 

If you would like learn either English and Turkish, I can also teach them in Japanese, too. I am proficient in Japanese language. Please, feel free to ask any questions in Japanese,too.

Teaching Approach

I design the lessons for my students' needs. The lectures that i give are General English for any levels, Conversation Lessons,Business English and TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS preparation Lessons. I also help for my students' writing tasks,especially work emails,interprets and translations as well.I can speak both Turkish and English as Native Levels. So, i teach Turkish who need it for business or travel and for their interests, too

I love encouradging my students with many skill activities and i want them to enjoy by learning English.I prepare many presentations,homeworks and level checks to enlarge the contents of my both English and Turkish lessons. 

I also have Youtube channels that you can find out many online lessons about English and Turkish!If you like,you can subscribe my channels!

I use many kind of materials to support the lessons,which is targeted for students' needs. Such as one of the biggest universities' books and their audio scripts,i can contain with many ways for our visual lessons.

Especially, i would like to say to everyone that Turkish is a really cool language. Generally, my Japanese students are interested in. Because, it has the same sentence order structure gramatically.But who wants to have challenge, you have found the best teacher you have ever met here!

I am looking forward to meeting you and i would be glad to help you both English and Turkish!Let’s enjoy together!

Please watch my blog website: http://duygutanulku.blogspot.jp

My facebook Page: Duygu_Cafetalk

Best regards,           

Featured Interview

Q. Hi Hirota, why don’t you start with a quick introduction? A. Sure, my name is Duygu Hirota. I am from Istanbul, Turkey. I have been living in Japan for 2 years, since I got married. My major at the university was Computer Science and Engineering. After my graduation, I worked at IT related companies. I also worked at Turkish Airlines as a Flight Attendant for 2 years and a half. I really enjoy...

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