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Intermediate English (55 min)

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If you can understand this explanation, you are ready for this course. You must be able to ask basic questions. You must be able to look up new English words by yourself. It is appropriate for students with 50 to 400 hours of classroom study.

This course teaches English fundamentals using drills, short conversation, and homework.

Example Lesson Plan:

(5 minutes) Homework Correction

---> If you did homework from the previous lesson, I correct it and we spend a little time reviewing mistakes with drills and discussion. If you didn't do homework, we do a little free talk to warm up.

(3 minutes) Introduction

---> Introduce a grammar topic (e.g. differences between 'be going to' and 'will')

(7 minutes) Practice

---> Practice the grammar topic with various language drills to achieve understanding and fluency of the topic. These drills also prepare the student for the roleplays and discussion topic.

(20 minutes) Short Situational Roleplays with corrective drills

---> Create interesting situations that prompt the language use and have short conversations (from 30 seconds to 3 minutes) that involve the language. Between conversations, use correction drills to improve accuracy and fluency.

(0 minutes) Homework Assignment

---> Assign a worksheet or writing prompt to review after class. It is corrected at the beginning of next class.

(20 minutes) Guided Discussion or Secondary Target

--> (Guided Discussion) Have a twenty-minute discussion about a topic while trying to use the target language. In the middle and at the end, pause for corrective drills to build accuracy and vocabulary. This is more appropriate for intermediate or high-intermediate students.

---> (Secondary Target) Introduce a secondary target and repeat the first twenty minutes of the lesson plan again. This is more appropriate for beginner or low-intermediate students.


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I've taught English in Japan for eight years. I taught in junior high and high school for five years as the main English teacher with the help of seasonal assistant language teachers. During that tim...

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